The “Draw What You Saw” Campaign

There are few things that Pentel is as passionate about as education and art, and when the two come together, it’s all the better. We are proud to be associated with one such initiative, Draw What You Saw, that is being spearheaded by The Star and Saturday Star’s cartoonist, Dov Fedler.

Fedler aims to drive literacy through drawing. His philosophy is that if you can write a word, you can draw it.

We recently attended the launch of this mission at the Johannesburg Zoo’s Education Centre, sponsoring an eight piece canvas that has been drawn by Fedler and put up to inspire children who enjoy colouring in when visiting the centre. The zoo will also be distributing 10 000 A3 copies of the canvas.

At Pentel, we are passionate about projects like this that seek to educate and inspire children. We look forward to seeing Dov Fedler’s initiative grow and reach more children. If you’re interested in getting involved in any way with this project, Draw What You Saw, then don’t hesitate to email him at fedler(at)

View the “Draw What You Saw” Campaign Gallery.

If you’re interested in visiting Johannesburg Zoo’s Education Centre, either in a school group or as a parent with your children, please use the below details:

Joburg Zoo switchboard: (011) 646-2000
Fax: (011) 486-3931