About Us

Welcome to Pentel South Africa!

Pentel Co. Ltd. (Japan) was established in 1946 and since then, our core values have been built around the research and development of innovative stationery products. Pentel is an international stationery brand recognised by consumers globally and is renowned for its innovation and quality products.

Then, in 1983, Pentel South Africa (Pty) Ltd. was established as the South African operation of Pentel Co. Ltd., which has been distributing Pentel products from our offices in Johannesburg. Pentel South Africa distributes a wide range of ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, correction products (fluid & tape), markers and art materials to customers throughout the Republic of South Africa and Africa in general.

We’re proud that Pentel has been responsible for the development of ideas behind two-thirds of the writing instruments in use around the world today. Our goal is to create products that make all forms of written and artistic communication not only effective, but inspiring.

Find out more about our products by browsing through our products section or feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so that we can keep you up to date with new and exciting products, developments and competitions!

For more international information about Pentel, as well as our social and environmental activities, and lots of other interesting fact’s, please visit our Web Portal at www.pentelworld.com. Pentel Co. Ltd. (Japan) is also proud to note that as of 1 October 2015, we have offices in 22 countries worldwide.