How to make beautiful watercolour type DIY Cards

What you will need:
Pentel Paint Marker in white.
Pentel Arts Water colour Paint
Card Stock
Varied Paintbrushes

  1. Create a stencil for the front of your card so that you can paint in a shape neatly. This can be done on another piece of card so that you can repeat the design in future.
  2. Once your stencil is made then start mixing your watercolours. You can play with different effects of colour by wetting the paper first then applying the watercolour to the paper. Be creative and let your creativity flow!
  3. Once you have painted your card with the watercolour allow the card to dry. Once it is dry you can write a message inside the card in corresponding colours.
  4. Allow for an appropriate amount of time for the card to dry so that there is no smudging.
  5. Then take your paint pen and write a message on the front of the card over your watercolour print. Be sure to practice your calligraphy and message on another page before you do this so that you don’t make any mistakes.
  6. Allow the card to dry and there you have it – a personal greeting card to make your own artistic cards!

For reference: