Get Your Office Organised

It’s well known that an organised workspace is a more productive one. With this knowledge, why do so many of us work in cluttered chaos? Being organised is not nearly as labourious as many think. With small changes, you could make your workspace a dream!

Start with your desk. Get rid of everything you don’t need and keep everything you do. Rule of thumb – if you haven’t used it in the past 6 months, chuck it! A clean desktop will already result in a clear mind, improving your concentration.

File all your important documents in logical categories – whether that is per month, per client, etc. Pentel’s range of brightly coloured files and organisers are perfect for this as you can use a different colour for each category and therefore spot what you need immediately without having to go through each file.

The next step in an organised office is your stationery. Never feel frustrated with dry pens again! If you take the time to test your pens and throw out the ones that are dry, you won’t have to deal with it at a later stage. Only keep the stationery you really need, e.g. don’t have 28 red pens when you only need 1. Pencil cases aren’t just for kids. Keep your stationery in a dedicated case/holder. If you like the minimal look, you can keep this in one of your desk drawers instead of on your desk.

Establish work zones. This is as simple as deciding what activity happens where in your office. If your job requires you to perform different tasks, it’s good to have separate areas for each, e.g. your desk is for computer work, writing and phone calls, a separate corner is dedicated to filing and admin and then a separate zone is dedicated to more physical tasks, like packing boxes, etc. – if your job requires it.

If you’re putting your stationery and various other items in drawers – group them. Have a dedicated drawer for stationery and related items, another drawer for papers and yet another for bits and bobs, etc.

Once your workspace is organised, spend 1 minute at the end of each day tidying up so you can be fresh and ready for the new day in the morning with no clutter distracting you.