Essentials for Surviving Varsity

Studying at tertiary level can be incredibly rewarding; it can also be intimidating. If you’re not properly prepared, it can seem even worse. It’s with this in mind that we have decided to give you some tips as to what every student needs to succeed.

You will be writing a lot. Whether it’s while jotting down notes (or doodling) in class, doing revision or writing exams, you need a pen that writes comfortably. So if you don’t want pens that will let you down, consider Pentel’s range of pens that last long and are comfortable to hold.

To make things easier for yourself, you will want to figure out a way to stay more organised. This brings us to our second essential item – files and organisers. Keeping your notes and textbooks neatly separated per subject makes studying easier and you don’t need to constantly dig and rifle through your bag looking for things.

It is thought that using different colours while studying for different subjects helps you compartmentalise the information in your mind. That’s where we come in! Pentel has a range of highlighters and pens in various colours in order to help you study for and dominate your exams!

If you’ve ever spoken to students, you know that it’s the time when you’re most thrifty. Well we’ve got a tip for all prospective students – you can sell your textbooks at the end of the year to have some extra cash to use on next year’s books! This means you can’t mess them up by scribbling notes in pen or highlighting sections. To make notes in your textbooks without ruining them, use Pentel’s mechanical pencils and just erase it when you’re ready to sell.

Of course these are things that will make studying easier, but your success will ultimately depend on you and the effort you put in! Click here for products that meet your needs!